Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures

Flush mount ceiling light fixture is a great option for low ceilings. A ceiling fan is a great option to keep the air circulating in a room. Perhaps you have seen ceiling fans in your friend’s homes with their vaulted ceilings and wondered, if you could add a fan to your home with flat eight-foot ceilings. The answer is yes, if you use flush mount ceiling light fixtures.

Do you need a flush mount ceiling fan? Flush mounts are ideal for ceilings 7’10” or lower. So if your ceiling is 8 feet, a flush mount is not needed. Flush mounts push 40% less air than a fan on a short downrod. A fan with a short downrod, a 3 ½ inch or 4 ½ inch downrod, is great for an 8-9 foot ceiling. This will put your blades no lower than 7 feet off the ground. Traditional ceiling fans are supplied with a down rod. This rod or pipe allows the fan to be mounted at eight or more inches below the ceiling. The down rod attaches the fan motor to the framing of the home and electrical wires are threaded through the rod to supply power to the fan and attached lights. Older readers may remember older department stores with a balcony having Ceiling Fan with Lights in the front part of the store that had down rods that lowered the fan ten to twelve feet from the actual ceiling Flush mount ceiling fans, do not have the down rod, but have the motor in a housing that is mounted flush with the ceiling.

Mounting any ceiling fan requires a special electrical box be installed that will support the weight, vibration and rotation of the fan. Do not install a ceiling fan on the existing electrical box. This could allow the fan to fall and cause injury to you or a loved one. If your ceiling fan vibrates excessively, see the owner’s manual for instructions on balancing the blades.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

flush mount ceiling fan without light

flush mount ceiling fan with light and remote

If your ceiling is particularly low, you may just want to install the ceiling fan. If the ceiling height will allow you to do so, you may want to consider adding a light kit to the fan. An electrician can install the fan so that wall switches can be used to independently operate the fan and lights.

In the winter, reverse the fan and leave it on low. The heat that collects near the ceiling is pushed toward the floor for even heating of the entire room.
In the spring or fall, with the windows open, a ceiling fan may be all the cooling that is required to keep your home comfortable.
In the summer, with the fan set to push the air down, the breeze can allow you to set the thermostat higher and save on your cooling bill. Ceiling fans can help you to use less power year round.

Flush mounted ceiling lights
Flush mounted ceiling lights are absolutely ideal for lighting small spaces like a closet. You can use the cheapest variety, which are the small globe like fixtures that cost about 10 pounds a piece. If you dont have a light point in your closet, dont get bogged down by the wiring work required. Many of these ceiling lights come with battery-powered versions. All you have to do is install them and voila you will have lit up your closet.

flushmount ceiling lights

flush mounted ceiling lights

flush mount ceiling light led

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Modern

Flush Mount Led Ceiling Light Fixtures

flush mount crystal ceiling light

flush crystal ceiling light

glass flush mount ceiling light

satin nickel flush mount ceiling light

small ceiling fans with light flush mount

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures are very fast becoming an extremely popular choice for modern homes. The days when chandeliers were your greatest style statement are gone. Today, flush ceiling lights are the more appropriate choice and they can literally be installed in any corner of your home.

Your main living spaces like your foyer, your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and hallways can all benefit from flush mounted ceiling lights. Depending on the part of the house and the visibility of the light, you can choose a design that best suits the style of the room. While making your choice, consider the size of the space and the lighting requirement. Due attention should also be paid to the room decor. Once you have analyzed your needs, begin the search for the ideal flush mounted ceiling lights. Your options range from the more basic variety to the extremely lavish solutions. Either way you will certainly find one that best meets your needs. A flush mount ceiling light fixture can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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