Antler Ceiling Light

Antler Ceiling Light

About Antler ceiling light fact, every year animals like deer will shed their antlers around the end of winter and start growing them back again around spring time. So because of this, the makers of these types of lighting can find what they need by just collecting them out in the woods. One of the most unique looking type of lighting fixtures are antler lighting. These things are made of antlers from real animals like deer, moose, and elk. However, the animals themselves aren’t harmed in the production of these types of lighting. Instead, they are made from antler sheds.
So if you were ever interested in getting one of these types of light fixtures but were turned off by the thought that animals were harmed in its production, you need not to worry. Besides ceiling lighting, there are a whole range of furniture made from antlers. You can get chairs, stools, couches, tables, and even kitchen utensils. One thing you should keep in mind when thinking of buying one of these is that the design of the antlers, the points, aren’t safe for children. So if you have hyper active kids in the house, it would be a good idea to skip on these antler products. Either way, these antler lighting fixtures will brighten up any room. Here are the ideas about Antler Ceiling Lights in the following.

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Once the antlers are collected, they are then brought to the factory where they are sorted out by shape and color. From there, holes will be drilled into them to allow the proper electrical wiring to be put in. The finished product looks absolutely amazing. Normally you would see these things hovering above a guest room in some fancy lodge, but now you can get them for your own living room. The problem though is that these things can be quite expensive. They will run you a few thousand dollars for the chandeliers. If you are just looking for an antler lamp or some other lighting, it may cost less.

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In terms of cost though, it’s really the authentic ones that will burn a hole in your pocket. If you are just going after the look and can care less about whether it’s made of real antlers or not, you can get the reproductions. These look pretty much like the real ones but cost almost one tenth the price in some cases. It depends on the style that you choose however. If you get a chandelier with many tiers and lights for example, even the reproduction ones can run you over one thousand dollars.

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