Wall Sconce Light Fixture Ideas

Wall Sconce Light Fixture Ideas for your home, Sconce lighting fixtures can give your home the stunning effect you desire. They are a beautiful addition to any home style decor, however I do recommend quality indirect lighting fixtures as opposed to cheap and imitation products. Your safety is most importance. There are so many styles to choose from such as Tiffany, Victorian, Contemporary and Old Forge. There are also many materials to choose from like wrought iron, brass, glass, metal, and others.

Wall Sconce with Switch


wall sconces modern


wall sconces
Sconce lighting fixtures are light sources that use only the wall for support. They do not have floor bases to stand on and lights are usually directed upwards. These indirect lighting fixtures are another elegant way of enhancing and highlighting the beauty of your home. Depending on the positioning of the fixture, it can even provide an illusion making your room appear larger than its actual size. I personally prefer sconces than table lamps for the reason of child safety. Most of our guests bring their children to our house. Since it is a hanging device, children cannot play with the wires or switches.

Wall Sconces Image
Wall Sconce with Switch Image
Wall Sconces Modern Image

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