Chandelier Light Kit for Ceiling Fan

Chandelier Light Kit for Ceiling Fan

Getting Acquainted With Chandelier Light Kit for Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Lights by definition imply any kind of artificial lighting originating from the ceiling. Every home usually contains a number of ceiling lights, which work wonders to effectively illuminate the space around it. However if you are choosing lighting for your home, it is useful to know the options available to you.
chandelier light fixture for ceiling fan

chandelier light for ceiling fan

Chandelier Light Kit
Historically chandeliers were always associated with large drawing rooms or hotel lobbies and served as the focal point of the room. They were usually crystal and extremely detailed and ornate. Chandeliers were also extremely expensive and never found a place in smaller more compact homes. The first chandelier design was a simple cross shape which was hung in places of assembly and gathering such as churches or local halls. The unit could be adjusted using a pulley mechanism to be lifted to the desired height and locked until the candles needed to be replaced or extinguished. Also known as hanging candelabra, Chandelier lighting was first used in Bohemia and dates as far back as the 15th Century. The first designs used crystals and candlelight to reflect and refract the light around a room, and they are still used today in most modern designs.

Today, the chandelier has got a facelift. There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, be it antique, modern, contemporary or traditional. They come in a number of materials like wrought iron, crystal and metal. There are different sizes too, ranging from the large grand variety to compact modern ones. Depending on your taste and style preference, you can certainly find a chandelier light kit for ceiling fan that fits with your room decor. It is an excellent lighting option and if chosen well, serves to effectively illuminate the entire space.

pink chandelier light kit for ceiling fan

chandelier style light kit for ceiling fan

chandelier light kit for ceiling fan

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